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By Carson, Anne; Sophocles

An illustrated new translation of Sophokles’ Antigone.

Anne Carson has released translations of the traditional Greek poets Sappho, Simonides, Aiskhylos, Sophokles and Euripides. Antigonick is her seminal paintings. Sophokles’ luminous and worrying tragedy is the following given a completely clean language and presentation. This paperback variation contains a new preface through the writer, “Dear Antigone.”

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Manufactured in the United States of America First published clothbound by New Directions in 2012 First published as a New Directions Paperbook (ndp1322) in 2015 Design by Erik Rieselbach The Library of Congress has cataloged the printed edition as follows: Sophocles, author. [Antigone. English] Antigonick / Sophokles ; translated by Anne Carson. ISBN 978-0-8112-2292-1 ISBN 978-0-8112-2293-8 (e-book) I. Carson, Anne, 1950– II. Title.

I take inspiration from John Cage who, when asked how he composed 4'33", answered “I built it up gradually out of many small pieces of silence” Antigone, you do not, any more than John Cage, aspire to a condition of silence you want us to listen to the sound of what happens when everything normal/musical/careful/conventional or pious is taken away oh sister and daughter of Oidipous, who can be innocent in dealing with you there was never a blank slate we were always already anxious about you perhaps you know that Ingeborg Bachmann poem from the last years of her life that begins “I lose my screams” dear Antigone, I take it as the task of the translator to forbid that you should ever lose your screams cast Antigone Ismene sister of Antigone Kreon king of Thebes Haimon son of Kreon and Eurydike Eurydike wife of Kreon, mother of Haimon Teiresias blind prophet of Thebes [led by a boy] Boy Guard Messenger Chorus of old Theban men Nick a mute part [always onstage, he measures things] set Palace of Kreon at Thebes antigonick [enter Antigone and Ismene] Antigone: we begin in the dark and birth is the death of us Ismene: who said that Antigone: Hegel Ismene: sounds more like Beckett Antigone: he was paraphrasing Hegel Ismene: I don’t think so Antigone: whoever it was whoever we are, dear sister ever since we were born from the evils of Oidipous what bitterness pain disgust disgrace or moral shock have we been spared and now this edict you’ve heard the edict Ismene: I’ve heard no edict that our two brothers are dead by one another’s hands and the Argive army gone from this city is all I know Antigone: that’s what I thought that’s why I called you out here Ismene: what’s the matter you have your thunder look Antigone: Kreon is resolved to honour one of our brothers with burial the other not Eteokles he has laid in the ground in accordance with justice and law Polyneikes is to lie unwept and unburied sweet sorrymeat for the little lusts of the birds noble Kreon draws our attention to this edict yours and my attention whoever transgresses it gets death so what do you say Ismene: what could I say what could I do Antigone: if you join me if you join my action Ismene: at what risk where is your mind Antigone: if you help me help me lift the corpse Ismene: Kreon says unlawful to do so Antigone: Antigone says unholy not to Ismene: O sister, don’t cross this line Antigone: dear sister, my dead are mine and yours as well as mine Ismene: whoever we are think, sister — father’s daughter daughter’s brother sister’s mother mother’s son his mother and his wife were one!

Except for brief passages quoted in a newspaper, magazine, radio, television, or website review, no part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the Publisher. Manufactured in the United States of America First published clothbound by New Directions in 2012 First published as a New Directions Paperbook (ndp1322) in 2015 Design by Erik Rieselbach The Library of Congress has cataloged the printed edition as follows: Sophocles, author.

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