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By Julie Kerr Casper PhD

In the course of the process hundreds of thousands of years, animals have tailored to varied environments on the earth. even though animals have advanced over geologic time to Earth's consistently altering environments, and even supposing the extinctions of convinced species are common, in no different time within the planet's historical past has the extinction fee climbed as excessive because it is this present day. factors of this extraordinary extinction expense contain destruction of natural world habitat, toxins, overfishing, and poaching. "Animals" illustrates those pressing matters in a way obtainable to heart and highschool readers.

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Animals become threatened if they lose their natural habitat—rain forests are being cut down, swamps drained, and grasslands being converted into cities—because they suddenly have nowhere to go. Poachers also threaten animals’ futures. For example, jaguars, tigers, and leopards are hunted for their fur; elephants are killed so people can make jewelry out of ivory tusks; and rhinoceroses are killed for their horns. In Chapters 7 and 8, this book will explore habitat preservation and important animal protection issues.

Other species of arthropods are essential for our existence, directly or indirectly, by providing humans with food, clothing, medicines, and protection from harmful organisms. Birds are vertebrates, with a backbone and skeleton, although some of the bones are hollow to keep the bird light. Their forelimbs have the same bones as the human arm, but they are highly modified to form the structure for wings. There are more than 8,800 known species of birds. Bony fish also comprise a large group of vertebrates.

Food webs demonstrate the complexity of the interdependence of living things within a habitat. The elimination of the smallest link in the food chain can upset the delicate balance of nature’s food supplies. Typically, in a food web, the producer is on the bottom, and the final consumers are at the top. A food web consists of interlocking food chains. The only renewable and nonrenewable resources Food webs show the complexity of an ecosystem. If one element is missing, it can have a ­far-­reaching effect on the rest of the ecosystem.

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