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All issues Nursing presents easy access to crucial details in all components of nursing. assurance contains review suggestions and information, abilities, ache administration, medicines, an infection regulate, ECGs, laboratory exams, and disorder profiles. The e-book additionally presents well timed details on felony points of nursing, resembling legal responsibility, organ donation, and documentation, and on profession possibilities in nursing, together with schooling, examine, and commute nursing. themes coated comprise either normal nursing and all medical specialties—emergency, serious care, medical-surgical, maternal-neonatal, and pediatric nursing. a number of illustrations, graphs, and easy-to-follow quick-reference charts supplement the text.

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If the patient has pronounced lordosis, the lumbar spine is abnormally concave, as shown below. Lordosis (as well as a waddling gait) is normal in pregnant women and young children. Testing for scoliosis When testing for scoliosis, have the patient remove her shirt and stand as straight as possible with her back to you. Look for: • uneven shoulder height and shoulder blade prominence • unequal distance between the arms and the body • asymmetrical waistline • uneven hip height • sideways lean. Bent over Then have the patient bend forward, keeping her head down and palms together.

No tender spots or bulges in the chest are detectable. • Tactile fremitus is normal bilaterally. Percussion • Resonant percussion sounds can be heard over the lungs. Auscultation • Loud, high-pitched bronchial breath sounds can be heard over the trachea. • Intense, medium-pitched bronchovesicular breath sounds can be heard over the mainstem bronchi, between the scapulae, and below the clavicles. •Soft, breezy, low-pitched vesicular breath sounds can be heard over most of the peripheral lung fields.

The kidneys are unpalpable, except in thin patients or those with a flaccid abdominal wall. (You’ll typically feel the right kidney before you feel the left one. qxd:9781582555591_01 8/1/13 9:30 AM Page 45 Genitalia 45 External female genitalia Mons pubis Prepuce of clitoris Labia majora Labia minora Skene’s glands Urethral orifice Vaginal introitus Bartholin’s glands Perineum Examining the male urethral meatus To inspect the urethral meatus, compress the tip of the glans, as shown here. qxd:9781582555591_01 8/1/13 9:30 AM Page 46 46 Assessment Male genital lesions Several types of lesions may affect the male genitalia.

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