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By B. Jayant Baliga

"Advanced strength MOSFET innovations" presents an in-depth remedy of the physics of operation of complex strength MOSFETs. Analytical versions for explaining the operation of all of the complicated strength MOSFETs are built and defined. the result of numerical simulations are supplied to offer extra perception into the gadget physics and validate the analytical versions. the result of two-dimensional simulations also are given, that allows you to corroborate the analytical types and provides additional perception into the machine operation. This quantity additionally: -Discusses units which can have an important effect on enhancing the potency of the voltage-regulator-modules used to bring strength to microprocessors and images chips in laptops and servers -Covers purposes in all reduce voltage circuits, specifically the automobile electronics region contains numerical simulation examples to give an explanation for the working physics and validate the types - deals huge insurance of the position of silicon carbide within the layout and constitution of strength rectifiers "Advanced energy MOSFET innovations" is a must-read for researchers and training engineers within the strength gadget industry.

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In this model, it is assumed that the junction formed by the P+ regions (J3) is too far from the current path in the JFET region to contribute to current constriction. The JFET current constriction is then assumed to be associated only with the junction (J1) formed by the P-base region. The JFET region is then assumed to extend to the bottom of the P-base region as shown in the figure by the shaded area. This model produces a smaller contribution to the specific 28 2 D-MOSFET Structure WCell WC /2 WG LCH WS /2 WPW/2 LA Source Gate xJP+ xJP P+ t tSUB N+ P-Base a LN+ W0 P+ y dy N-Drift Region XD N+ Substrate Drain Fig.

12. J. Holtz, “Pulse Width Modulation for Electronic Power Conversion”, pp. K. Bose, IEEE Press, 1997. 13. J. Baliga, “Advanced Power Rectifier Concepts”, Springer-Science, New York, 2009. Chapter 2 D-MOSFET Structure The first power MOSFET structure commercially introduced by the power semiconductor industry was the double-diffused or D-MOSFET structure. The channel length of this device could be reduced to sub-micron dimensions by controlling the diffusion depths of the P-base and N+ source regions without resorting to expensive lithography tools [1].

0 nF/cm2 for this design. 10 30 V Power D-MOSFET Structure 4 micron Polysilicon Window 12 micron Cell Pitch 500 A Gate Oxide 8 6 4 2 0 0 2 4 6 14 8 10 12 Drain Bias Voltage (Volts) Fig. 21 Gate-drain capacitance for the power D-MOSFET structure 16 18 20 48 2 D-MOSFET Structure The output capacitance for the power D-MOSFET structure is associated with the capacitance of the junction between the P-base region and the N-drift region. 23) qND This depletion layer width is larger than that under the gate oxide because all the applied drain voltage must be supported across the P-N junction.

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