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By David G. Kleinbaum, Kevin M. Sullivan, Nancy D. Barker

This ebook includes the content material of the ActivEpi CD-ROM pages plus extra workouts and an appendix on desktop programs.

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The exposure variable has ??? categories, one of which is ???. Choices: 2 3 4 5 2. did not swim polluted water swam water not polluted When considering both swimming and pollution together, which of the following choices is appropriate for defining the exposure variable in the Sydney Beach Users study: ??? Choices: a) E=O if did not swim, E=1 if swam in polluted water b) E=O if did not swim, E=1 if swam in non-polluted water c) E=O if did not swim, E=1 if swam in polluted water, E=2 if swam in non-polluted water d) E=O if did not swim, E=1 if swam In the Sydney Beach Users study, the illness outcome was whether or not an acute infectious illness developed 1 week after swimming at the beach.

Either ??? 6. Topic: . a. medication . . b. vaccine . c. either ??? 7. Analysis by: . a. original assignment . . b. actual experience . ??? 3-2 Observational Study Designs There are three general categories of observational designs: • Basic Designs: Cohort, Case-Controls, Cross-Sectional • Hybrid Designs: Nested Case-Control, Case-Cohort • Incomplete Designs: Ecologic, Proportional Cohort Studies In 1948, a long-term observational study began in Framingham Massachusetts. Fifty-one hundred subjects without cardiovascular disease (CVD) were selected and examined, and information about potential risk factors for this disease was recorded.

C. D. Which of the following is influenced by the design of the study? The assessment of confounding The choice of the measures of disease frequency and effect A decision regarding the use of stratified analysis The analysis is not influenced in any way by the study design used The answer is B. We determine the appropriate measures of disease frequency and effect based on the study design characteristics. Choices A and C are incorrect because they are typically considered regardless of the study design used.

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