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By Susanna Centlivre

Notwithstanding critics and literary historians have regularly needed to admit that Susanna Centlivre's comedies have been very hot, they've got tended to dedicate themselves to a look for proof in them of intended deficiencies of 'the girl pen,' and to pay as a lot realization to the playwright's marriages and amorous liasons than to the performs themselves. basically lately has Centlivre become well-known rather straightforwardly as on of the main fabulous playwrights of her time. A daring Stroke for a spouse is likely to be the best instance of Centlivre's masterful plotting of comedian intrigue. The soldier Fainwell and Anne stunning are in love, yet their route to the altar is blocked via her guardians, each one of whom has a distinct view of what kind of husband may make the suitable fit. Fainwell lodges to disguises of social kinds. The play therefore offers quite a lot of chance for Centlivre to satirize Tory respectability, spiritual propriety and capitalist speculative greed—and to offer voice to tolerance: 'tis liberty of selection that sweetens life.' but finally it's Centlivre's comedian muse that offers enduring existence to the play as the most interesting of eighteenth-century comedies.

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8. See, for example, Joe Cleary, Outrageous Fortune: Capital and Culture in Modern Ireland (Dublin: Field Day, 2006), pp. 92, 132, 147. 9. See Gregory Dobbins’s essay below for further consideration of Synge’s influence on Beckett. 10. See Elaine Sisson’s essay below for further discussion of Yeats’s illustration. 11. See P. J. ), Joyce on the Threshold (Gainesville, FL: University of Florida Press, 2005), pp. 151–68. 14 2 OONA FRAWLEY The Shadow of the Glen and Riders to the Sea John Millington Synge’s first two performed plays, The Shadow of the Glen (1903) and Riders to the Sea (1904), marked a significant point of departure for both Synge’s own writing and, more broadly, for the Irish theatre.

Also noteworthy, though, are links between Maurya’s visionary qualities and those of her medieval Irish counterparts, whom Synge had studied first as an undergraduate at Trinity College, and later on his own initiative as he continued his study of the Irish language. Synge was thus aware of an Irish literary tradition that frequently granted visionary capacities to central figures like Finn. The seer in medieval Irish literature was, like Maurya, frequently connected to nature and possessed an ability to ‘read’ the natural landscape correctly: as the only one to see the inevitability of Bartley’s death should he sail under the prevailing conditions, Maurya has direct links to the medieval Irish visionary.

13 If actions had been carried out according to prescription, Bartley’s death might have been averted – had Maurya issued the blessing and the girls remembered Bartley’s bread. It is more likely, though, that Synge purposefully positions these folk violations 19 oona frawley in the play in order to demonstrate the way the culture suggests that control and agency lie within the grasp of women (and men), when he himself recognises that they do not. In the end Maurya is granted only the verbal power which Synge himself provides her.

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