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By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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What does that mean, exactly? Just study for a minute these figures on the present size and nature of religion and its works in the U . S. A . : 256 denominations. 253,000 churches and synagogues . 77,ooo,ooo members . 162,000 Sunday schools . 13,000 parochial schools . 690 colleges and schools of higher learning . Libraries, radio stations, publishing houses for books, magazines and newspapers . Charities, orphanages, hospitals, missionary forces . Ladies' aids and auxiliaries. Men's societies, young people's organizations, children's groups .

That there is no need to fear God because He does not exist . Marx had the idea that people could never be happy, have enough to eat, make enough money, or have success in the kind of world we know . The U . S. A . is living proof that he was as wrong as a man can be . 27. Was Marx crazy? Perhaps. But Marx was not the first evil and crazy man to start a terrible world upheaval, nor was he the last . Hitler was like that, too, but look at what he did . 28. How did anybody fall for Marx? Some overlooked his craziness because he was one of the most effective propagandists who ever lived .

61 . What is their method? The Communist Party of the United States assigns members to join churches and church organizations, in order to take control where possible, and in any case to influence thought and action toward Communist ends . It forms "front organizations," designed to attract "fellow travelers" with religious interests. It tries to get prominent religious leaders to support Communist policies, disguised as welfare work for minorities or oppressed groups . In the words of Earl Browder, former head of the Communist Party of the U .

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